Foot and Ankle Specialist

ankle1Doctor David Jenson is a leading foot and ankle specialist in The Woodlands and greater Houston area. He has received over 15 years of education and experience and is considered by his peers as one of the premier doctors in Texas.

Doctor Jenson is a specialist who is compassionate, knowledgeable specialist who caters to both medical and surgical management of the foot and ankle. This doctor values taking the time to sit with his foot patients to make them feel comfortable by giving them all the knowledge and information they need before making important decisions related to their foot and ankle.

A podiatry specialist doctor by definition stand for being a branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnose and treatment of the foot, ankle and lower leg. It is often misunderstood that the foot is usually the biggest area of concern. In fact, the ankle has just as many issues that are both individual and related to foot problems. Problems such as fractures bones in the foot, ankle sprains, tendon & ligament strains and tears are just some of the more common issues related to the foot and ankle. Inquire a doctor and specialist if you suffer from any of these problems.

Foot Doctor

ankle2Doctor Jenson is a foot specialist and has received additional training in sports orthopedics, gait analysis and biomechanics, which are contributing factors to his knowledge of the ankle in association with the foot. It is through this knowledge that the doctor is able to provide the best form of care that is both reactive and preventive to any condition the patient may have. Doctor Jenson simply wants to treat foot and ankle issues and make sure he does all that he can to prevent it from coming back. Talk about specialist!

Doctor Jenson is foot and ankle specialist and has two convenient locations in The Woodlands and Houston area to provide his services. He also provides his surgical services in hospitals and private surgical centers to ensure patient convenience and ease during their procedures. Not only is he a specialist and doctor who is exceptional at his work, but he is also a specialist in caring and very compassionate individual that really loves his patients and what he does.