Foot and Ankle Surgeon Houston

footsurgeon1Dr. David Jenson is a leading foot and ankle surgeon in The Woodlands and greater Houston area with over 15 years worth of experience amounted through his training and practice. He is a surgeon considered by his peers as one of the premier foot and ankle, bunion and flat feet surgeon in Texas, his success largely stems due to his extensive foot and ankle, flat feet and bunion training he has received from various facilities throughout his foot and ankle studies and career in foot surgery.

Dr. Jenson received his medical orthopedic degree but continued to educate himself in his studies. Dr. Jenson is an expert in foot, ankle, flat feet and bunion surgery. He is a well renowned surgeon in Houston and The Woodlands area.





Flat Feet and Bunion Surgery

As an expert in foot and ankle surgery, Dr. Jenson offers a variety of surgery procedures that compliments his exceptional surgeon skills. Some of the more common surgery procedures he corrects include nerve decompression, heel pain, neuromas, bunion, flat feet correction, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, fractured bones, sports injuries, Achilles tendon injuries, and hammertoes all dealing with the foot and ankle.

footsurgeon2Dr. Jenson is a surgeon that is proud to offer any type of foot and ankle surgery especially flat feet and bunion in many different locations in The Woodlands and the Houston area for the convenience of his patients. This surgeon offers his patients the benefit of having their surgery performed at private surgical centers as well as hospitals. Private surgical centers are advantageous in that the infection rates are far less compared to hospitals to ensure a successful flat feet and bunion surgery.

Is having noticeable flat feet and bunion embarrassing and cramping your style? Dr. Jenson the foot and ankle surgeon can help correct those flat feet and removing the bunion to boost your confidence and improve your foot and ankle structure.