Orthotics Custom Foot Inserts

Orthotics prosthetics insoles are an important aspect of podiatry that helps in the healing process of common ailments affecting the foot and ankle. Dr. Jenson is a leading custom podiatrist in The Woodlands and greater Houston area who is exceptional at prescribing custom orthotics insoles to his prosthetics patients and tending to their prosthetics needs regarding the foot.

Orthotics prosthetics insoles are custom inserts that are molded specifically to a patient’s feet. They are custom insoles that resemble the curvature of each foot and placed inside of a shoe. The fabrications of orthotics inserts are custom and similar to other types of prosthetics in the specific measurements needed to be taken in order to custom engineer the correct structure of the foot.

Custom orthotics inserts prescribed by the doctor are considered far superior compared to over the counter orthotics insoles found at your local pharmacy. Custom prosthetics inserts allow greater flexibility in adding or removing areas on the insoles to really help the more painful areas of the foot. Generic orthotics inserts, on the other hand, do not allow the ability to customize he insoles to areas where the foot is really affected.

Custom Prosthetics Insoles

The process is actually simple for prosthetics foot patients and can be completed in a single office visit. The course requires a prosthetics foot patient to come into the office and have custom plaster molded onto their feet. The plaster is left on for 10 minutes, in which it hardens and duplicates the feet’s specific shape to create a custom impression. Once the prosthetics inserts impression is set, the molds are taken off and sent for fabrication.

Once the orthotics inserts are received in the office, a staff member will conveniently call the prosthetics foot patient to inform them that their custom Orthotics inserts have arrived and schedule an appointment for insoles fitting. The inserts will then be custom fitted into the patient’s shoes and instructions will be given of how to get used to the insoles.

Orthotics prosthetics inserts are considered very beneficial to a person’s feet and limbs. Not only do they help relieve the pain felt on the foot, they also allow relief in the calf muscles and significantly decrease knee pain. The custom Orthotics inserts align the prosthetics foot and leg in the body’s neutral position that allows all the joints to be lined up in its proper alignment. Thus, less stress is placed in strenuous areas resulting in a less painful leg due to custom insoles.

If you would like more information and you are in the Houston and The Woodlands area on custom orthotics inserts or prosthetics foot insoles products and want to set up an appointment with Dr. Jenson, please contact us.